All you need to know about Hazard Perception Test 2019

Hazard Perception Test is included in the official UK theory test examination. To pass your theory test you need to be familiar with how Hazard Perception test works and what it aims for. Watch official DVSA introduction video (below) which will help you understand basic principles of hazard perception test and what is expected from you.

The majority of learner drivers agree that Hazard Perception test is the most difficult part of the UK theory test. It is especially difficult for unexperienced drivers to spot a developing hazard on time and react to it accordingly. The more you practise mock hazard perception clips the better you get at it. 

Hint: when you notice a developing hazard, click not just once, but a few times with a short gap in between. This way you will ensure that your first click was not ‘too early’, and your result is recorded. However, if you click too many times in a row, the system with think you are trying to cheat and won’t give you any points.

Hazard Perception Test pass mark

Licence categoryVideo clipsDeveloping hazardsPass mark
Car and motorcycle141544 out of 75
Lorry, bus and coach192067 out of 100
Approved driving instructor Part 1 141557 out of 75


What are possible hazards?



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